Forkin good? You better Forkin Believe it!


Forkin Good Cafe menu logo.

Feeling Healthy? This week’s food adventure took me back to the beautiful city of WHITTIER, Calif. where I learned the art of forkin… Forkin good food that is.

Whether you’re looking to eat food that is insanely fresh, or just looking for somewhere nice to enjoy a cup of coffee, Forkin Good Cafe is the place to be. With Chef Denise Portillo adding “Hispanic flair” to traditional dishes, the options at this restaurant are far from limited.

For this food adventure, I decided to try the cafe’s breakfast platter. It had an assortment of house-made chorizo, eggs, spinach salad, and sourdough bread. Although this might sound like an ordinary breakfast, what really made this food experience exquisite was that each bite I took was extremely fresh. Interestingly enough, the reason behind this insanely fresh tasting food is because all products used at this establishment are 100 percent organic. With high quality food like that, its no wonder this place is still going strong after opening up in August 2014. So take out your forks, take a chance, and indulge in the freshness Forkin Good Cafe has to offer.

*All photos taken by author.

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