I’ll take one of everything…

Have you ever been faced with having to choose somewhere to eat, but can’t decide what you want? You go back and forth telling yourself “I want taco’s! No wait. A hot dog! Come to think of it, I want a cheeseburger!” What if I told you there is place where you don’t have to pick just one thing? A place where you can have a little bit of everything. Well, get ready, because this weeks food adventure took me to the city of ANAHEIM, Calif. where I discovered the wonders of the Anaheim Packing District.

The Anaheim Packing District is a food hall that offers a diverse selection of restaurants. When I walked in, I was in complete shock with the options the Packing District had to offer. There was a place where you can buy grilled cheese sandwiches, Indian food, specialty hot dogs, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try one of everything. But, I did get to try some amazing food.

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My first stop was at The Kroft. Located on the first level, this mini restaurant offers local organic ingredients and is mostly known for their poutines. I decided to try their short-rib melt. Served on a soft ciabatta bun, the inside of the melt held braised short rib, melted Monterey jack cheese, short rib gravy, arugula, and pickled onions. Although I was hesitant about the arugula, it gave the melt a semi-sweet taste and mixed well with the short rib gravy.

The Kroft sign.
The Kroft short rib melt.

Full from the short rib melt, I decided to take a break from eating and look for something to drink. Luckily, I stumbled upon Mini Monster, which a smaller version of Snow Monster where they offer an assortment of freshly brewed teas made daily by their employees. I tried their Thai tea that came in a light-bulb glass. It had a very sweet and creamy taste and was topped off with a cloud of cotton candy around the rim, which added to the sweetness of the drink.

Mini Monster sign.
Mini Monster thai tea.

Next, it was time for dessert. Because I had done a few laps around the Packing District, there was no doubt in my mind that I had to try a crepe from Crepe Coop. Here, they offer ice cream crepes, where you can choose from one of their specialties or build your own crepe. I tried their OG option, which had vanilla-bean gelato, Nutella spread, strawberries, bananas, almonds and powdered sugar. These combinations gave the crepe the perfect sweet taste and kept the weight of the dessert light and easy to enjoy.

Crepe Coop OG crepe.

Whether you’re with friends or family and can’t decide on what you want to eat, take a trip to the Anaheim Packing District and take your pick from the many options this fine establishment has to offer.

*All photos taken by author.


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