When ice cream meets doughnut…

Milk and cereal ice cream.

Looking for something sweet, warm, and cold all wrapped up into one? Well, get ready because this week’s food adventure took me to West Covina, California where I visited the newest location of Afters Ice Cream.

After seeing this ice cream shop all over social media, I immediately understood what the hype was about. This isn’t your average ice cream shop. Instead of providing common ice cream flavors, they had an assortment of unique flavors such as almond cookie, strawberry cookie crunch, churro, and much more. In addition, they had endless toppings to choose from and the option to put your ice cream inside a milky bun.

Cookie monster milky bun.

I tried their top seller, cookie monster, which is a vanilla-based ice cream that has blue food dye, Famous Amos cookies, Oreos, and fudge mixed together. I put it inside the milky to get the full experience and was overcome with amazement at how well the glazed milky bun paired with the ice cream. Each bite had a combination of hot and cold and the flavors of the ice cream and the milky bun melded in my mouth.

From unique flavors, endless toppings, and milky buns, Afters Ice Cream is definitely the place to be when you’re looking for the perfect combination dessert.

*All photos taken by author.


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