A new take on the churro…

Nitrolado wall decor.

Just when you think you’ve tried it all, the universe throws you something new in the world of desserts. Get ready, because this I took a trip to Garden Grove, California where I tried the latest ice cream trend at Nitrolado.

Nitrolado isn’t your typical ice cream shop. A small hole in the wall, this establishment is well known for making unique ice cream flavors such as raspberry cheesecake and almond pistachio by using nitrogen. This method allows the ingredients to freeze rapidly and gives the ice cream a thick and creamy texture. In addition, they are known for having the option to put your ice cream inside their infamous churro bowls, which come in different flavors. And, as if having churro bowls isn’t enough, if you aren’t up for some ice cream, you also have the option to get their churro lollipops that come covered in a glaze of your choice with its corresponding topping.

Nitrolado churro bowl.

First, I tried their red velvet churro bowl with a fruity-pebbl- flavored ice cream. Although the ice cream is usually served inside the bowl, I decided to get my ice cream inside a cup with the churro bowl on top. This allowed me to enjoy the ice cream without having to worry about the churro getting soggy and losing its soft, sweet taste. As for the ice cream, the base was a creamy vanilla that had fruity pebbles mixed into it. This gave the dessert, as whole, a sweet, tangy taste with a nice crunch. Although my “reverse churro bowl” looked great, to give it an extra little something, the workers put a piece of dry ice in an extra cup with water and placed my order on top of it. I was confused at first, but once I saw a cloud of smoke pouring out from my cup, I was taken away by how much nicer this made my order look.

Inside of churro bowl.

Next, I tried their matcha churro lollipop. A perfect swirled circle, the lollipop was covered in a thick matcha glaze that was topped with crushed Oreos. Although the taste of the churro was evident, once I bit into the lollipop I immediately tasted the strong bitter flavor of the matcha glaze. Since the lollipop was covered in Oreos as well, the chocolate masked the matcha flavor after a couple bites in. Overall, the lollipop was the perfect combination of sweet and bitter.

Matcha churro lollipop.

From churro bowls to churro lollipops, Nitrolado definitely offers an exciting experience when it comes to getting dessert. With unique ice cream flavors made right before your eyes, and churros being swirled and topped to perfection, Nitrolado is without a doubt a food adventure worth a try.

*All photos taken by author.





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