A new take on the churro…

Nitrolado wall decor.

Just when you think you’ve tried it all, the universe throws you something new in the world of desserts. Get ready, because this I took a trip to Garden Grove, California where I tried the latest ice cream trend at Nitrolado.

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When ice cream meets doughnut…

Milk and cereal ice cream.

Looking for something sweet, warm, and cold all wrapped up into one? Well, get ready because this week’s food adventure took me to West Covina, California where I visited the newest location of Afters Ice Cream.

After seeing this ice cream shop all over social media, I immediately understood what the hype was about. This isn’t your average ice cream shop. Continue reading “When ice cream meets doughnut…”

I’ll take one of everything…

Have you ever been faced with having to choose somewhere to eat, but can’t decide what you want? You go back and forth telling yourself “I want taco’s! No wait. A hot dog! Come to think of it, I want a cheeseburger!” What if I told you there is place where you don’t have to pick just one thing? A place where you can have a little bit of everything. Well, get ready, because this weeks food adventure took me to the city of ANAHEIM, Calif. where I discovered the wonders of the Anaheim Packing District. Continue reading “I’ll take one of everything…”

Forkin good? You better Forkin Believe it!


Forkin Good Cafe menu logo.

Feeling Healthy? This week’s food adventure took me back to the beautiful city of WHITTIER, Calif. where I learned the art of forkin… Forkin good food that is.

Whether you’re looking to eat food that is insanely fresh, or just looking for somewhere nice to enjoy a cup of coffee, Forkin Good Cafe is the place to be. With Chef Denise Portillo adding “Hispanic flair” to traditional dishes, the options at this restaurant are far from limited.

For this food adventure, I decided to try the cafe’s breakfast platter. It had an assortment of house-made chorizo, eggs, spinach salad, and sourdough bread. Although this might sound like Continue reading “Forkin good? You better Forkin Believe it!”

Prepare for Lift off…

Iced Chai latte with hemp milk.

Attention all passengers, get ready to venture into the new world of coffee shops while I take you through my latest food adventure.

As I walked down Greenleaf Avenue in the beautiful city of WHITTIER, Calif., trying to find somewhere to eat, I came across the newest addition to the restaurant scene; Lift Coffee Roasters. Maybe it was the home-like structure or the garden that initially drew me in. Or perhaps it was the happy young couple enjoying their cup of coffee on the terrace. Regardless of the reason, I knew I had to try this place.

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